For long I have heard many women cry of failed weight loss programs, which they had thought would work. But all is not lost; any woman willing to lose weight can still do so within a short period and experience massive loss. Although most ways will make you unsatisfied and hungry, they are pretty straightforward. So if you have your anniversary soon, you have no excuse not to look good. Below are great insights for a fat torching journey.

  1.  Drink more water

Nutritionist researchers and weight loss experts recommend drinking water at least half an hour before your normal meals. Taking water before meals help to lose weight up to 44%, the water also helps in enhancing metabolism rate and makes one eat fewer calories.

  1. Consistent tea and coffee drinking

Drinking coffee or tea four times a day helps to raise body metabolism rate, which in turn helps to burn more and more fat. If you are a tea or coffee drinker drink as much as you can and you will burn more fat.

     3. Have a High protein breakfast


Weight loss experts and nutritionists studies indicate that women who opt for protein based breakfast rather than a grain based breakfast lose almost 65% more weight than anyone else trying to lose weight. For instance when one takes eggs in the morning, they will feel full for the next 18 hours.

  1. Enough sleep

While this may sound no brainer, but poor sleep is associated with weight gain risks or obesity. Weight loss experts agree that, 80% of women who during their dedicated weight loss time sleep enough hours, have their weight loss plans work and do not have strange weight gain.

  1. Reduce starch and sugar intake

Weight gain in a human body is anchored on the hormone insulin. This hormone is a fat storage, agent. When you take much starch and carbs, the food stimulates the body to release more and more insulin. When the level of starch and carbs is checked, fat will easily leave the fat stores and your body will instead burn fat for energy rather than carbs.

 Reduced insulin level in the body also makes the kidney lose excess water and sodium from the body, reducing bloat and the frustrating water weight.

  1. Regular exercises

While many women fail on this one, if you want to lose weight at a fast rate, you have to exercise. It’s not just about hitting the gym; you can undertake routine daily activities, which will be a sacrifice for many women. Routine activities to do during and after weight loss target period include; walking to the working place, taking stairs instead of lifts, riding to the workplace and jogging in the morning. Develop a regular program to the gym three to four times in a week. When in the gym, always warm up, and then lift the weights and finally stretch. If you are a first timer in the gym, do your workouts under the direction of a trainer.

  1. Eat more protein, veggies and fat

Each of your meals should have a fat source, a low carb veggie, and a protein source. This is one way of reducing your carb intake to the best range that is 20grams to 50 grams per day. The best sources of meat are chicken, lamb, beef and bacon. While the best eggs are the omega 3, enriched eggs are the best.